Treasure Hunt (2018, S)

For this project, the goal was to make something designed for a public space, while also using an Arduino or Makey Makey. I took inspiration from a musical fish at the Curtin Makerspace and decided to make a treasure map that was connected to a Makey Makey. I then created a basic visual UI in Unity that would present the clues to the user and allow the physical map to act as the input.

What I learned from this project:
I initially wanted to create collaboration amongst people, so I made the questions a little difficult. After some user testing, I found that this was not working as effectively as I hoped. For the second iteration, I only had time to update the map before I was to demonstrate at Scitech. Though it was during this demonstration that I saw the map attracted a much younger audience.  Due to this, I will be making the next version targeted at a much younger audience.