I specialise in room-scaled virtual reality experience.

I engage in research withing the field of virtual reality, as well as project creation and design using the game engine Unity. I’ve taught at Curtin University, where I introduced students to virtual reality and took them through creating their own project.

TLC Maps – Curtin Research Project (2020)
A room-scale VR environment was created to use assets sourced for heritage curation. Tutorials were then created to show academics how to create their own experience.

Untitled Museum Project (2020)
Interactive experience created alongside Western Australian Museum to be included as part of an educational exhibit.
Design and implementation. Some 3D models created.

Hobbit Room VR (2018)
First Maya project that was then turned into a VR experience.
3D Modelling and Environment Design.

Anxious Minds VR (2018)
Level Designer.
Made in a group of three during a 4 day creative jam.

Space Cargo VR (2017)
First Unity Project and first VR project. Incorporates vocal commands.